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Faroe islands
city centre
city of Klaksvik

cooperation: Marie De France / Constance Marraud / Andreas Nordström
Klaksvik is the second largest city of Faroe islands. The city is currently struggling with depopulation and lack of new investments. The aim of this architectural competition was to reverse the current course and help the economic and demographic growth through advanced architecture and urban design.
The aim of the project was to adapt modern city planing rules to the local conditions and building tradition. Therefore we are proposing buildings organised in closed blocks with carefully planned and wind sheltered public spaces and greenery. The pedestrians will have priority in the new city, that is why we put a lot of emphasis on designing avenues, boardwalks and shared spaces. We would like to attract more people of all age groups to settle in future Klaksvik. To encourage them to move there we introduce a rich variety of housing typologies and functions. One of them will be the row house containing a studio on the bottom floor facing the street side. As new owners we can imagine both residents as well as people coming to Klaksvik with experiences from abroad, starting their micro-businesses, creating jobs and contributing to Klaksvik’s social life. Besides housing and work places we would like to create a vibrant and lively city centre with cultural, public and both day and night activities.