SWE Location
Metro station
private developer

project developed by Tengbom architects
Our team has created a concept for urban transformation based on existing well developed public transport system. This project shows possibilities for suburban areas transformation rather then massive demolition and redevelopment. Whole design proposal was rather complex and a bit hard to use for public presentations. Therefore we have created a 8-minute movie which helped to guide discussion between developers, city officials and the public.

The population of Stockholm is constantly growing, however the building industry is struggeling to keep up the pace in housing production. The last metro station has been build almost 20 years ago. The city is investing into brownfields development in order to fulfill housing need.
The aim of the project was to find a way how to attract new investros and developers into less attractive suburbian areas of Stockholm. We believe that investing in current infrastructure can create a positive spin off effect for the whole area. A former metro station turned into modern traffic node with services can become a catalyst for future urban development